We are two mums, committed to caring for our planet. We value the environment and high quality products. We share ethical values and respect for life and nature.

We believe that it is necessaty to act responsably to take care of ourselves, our families our home, and our environment. We also believe that taking action should not be a burden: Terra Verde will make this process easy.

At Terra Verde, we select high quality products, we are responsible for the environment and we give priority to Ausralian made products


Proudly Australian Manufactured & Owned:

We manufacture in Australia and create high quality natural products, which do not have to travel thousands of kilometres and pollute water or air to reach your home.   


Zero Waste:

Our packaging (cardboard, paper and aluminium) is 100% recyclable in the local industry, and we do not use single-use plastics. Our packaging won’t contaminate our land or be transported to overseas waste areas.  


Environmentally Responsible:

Our products are environmentally responsible, from raw materials, production and distribution. In the same way we make sure that in the process of use our products do not harm grey water: we like to take care of nature. 


Palm Oil Free:

Our products do not contain palm oil as this negatively affects animal habitat and deforestation.


Not Tested on Animals:

We respect all life, and want to take care of and respect it. We do not support animal cruelty


Support Horizons PWC:

Part of Terra Verde’s profits go to support Horizons PWC and its environmental work in Australia.

We want to work for a better world for ourselves and for our children, and we believe Terra Verde is playing a big role to help achieve this

— Terra Verde —